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IT Staffing

When it comes to IT recruitment, there are many staffing companies, recruitment agencies, technical recruiters & Job agencies at disposal. Most of them lack quality. Our objective is that every IT staffing candidate we present is someone you are excited to meet and seriously consider for your team. We focus on quality, not quantity.

Every candidate we present has been vetted through our four step process:

Profile: We work with you to outline the requirement of the position including skills needed and experience levels. We make sure we screen the candidates as per your need by replicating your screening model through custom interview questions, screening methodologies or technical testing materials.

Training & Sourcing: We have access to extensive network of talent that is well trained on technologies, soft skills and business etiquette. We make sure to search and source the right talent who is ready to be productive from his first day on your roles.

Qualify: Every candidate undergoes a custom online screen tests which incorporate coding tests, language test, Video Q & A and essay questions. The results are reviewed by our expert engineer panel, who then conducts a comprehensive technical review to further validate the candidate depth of experience and expertise.

Select: You will be a final step to make a decision on candidature through an interview. At the time of your interview with the candidate, you will be having his progress card in the previous rounds with us. We make sure only qualified candidates make it to this point, you can be rest assured that we will never waste your valuable time.

About Us

Multi Edge has been referred to as a global leader in the areas concerned with next-generation digital services and consulting. We bring decades of experience and expertise in managing the systems and the procedural workflow associated with it.

  100 East Royal Lane Suite T-155 Irving, Texas-75039
  Call Us Now: 214-613-7700
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